I am now literally in my kitchen trying to learn how to shuffle dance

I wanna go out SO badly tonight & everybody’s bailing. Fuck this. I’m so fucking up for being smashed. Aargh.

Someone direct me towards some music in the vein of Daughter? Cause.. I’m yet to find something similar that I love just as fucking much

So today we released our music video for “Peach State”, a new track from our upcoming EP “Driftwood”. Check it out! FFO: People who ride bikes badly.

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Drunk & wandering the streets finding my house haha

Lurpak Spreadable can absolutely fuck off, you aren’t spreadable you shit hard yellow fuck

There’s something rather melancholic going from spending your week with 10 other lads to coming home and finding an empty house. Now I’m back from tour though all that’s left is to save to move to manc! WOO.